2017 Fashion Update Post #7

Hey guys! How have you been?? I really would love to know.  I’m so sorry that my blog posts have been so on-and-off lately.  I have just had so much going on and I know that’s not an excuse but my life has been pretty hectic! My boyfriend broke up with me and, like I said, a lot’s going on!

I know it’s a little late but;  Happy 2017!

In this blog post I will be sharing with you the hottest 2017 spring trends this year.  My goal is for you to be updated with these trends and to have–even a small urge– to fix up your closet for this spring season. ;))


For this trend, you will find many people wearing stripes.  Basically, they are wearing the stripes that you’d usually see on a beach umbrella.  Not that I’m hating on it, I was actually wearing a striped crop top today!  But anyway, many models have been seen wearing this type of pattern on the runway.


You guys ever see the movie 50 Shades Of Gray?  ( awesome movie btw including 50 Shades Darker)  Well 50 shades of yellow is the popular trend now.  I mean, it’s a great shade for spring.  I do look pretty good in it, if I do say so myself ;).  The lighter shades of yellow are the prettiest in my opinion.  But, hey, if you like the dark ones, girl, you do you.


Last year flared sleeves were all the rage, but this year it’s all slit sleeves.  I don’t know about you, but just yesterday I was at the mall and at Forever21, I saw about a hundred different shirt designs with slit sleeves.

Thank you guys so much, I love all my supporters, and viewers.  I will write to you ASAP about new fashion trends and more!




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