Hey guys!!!  Thank you so much for the amount of viewers!! I love you guys so much.  I had an increase of 14 views in just ONE DAY!! I love you guys so much and you all mean the world to me.

So, here’s the thing.  Really, those 14 views saved me. I was going to shut down the blog because some people that I really didn’t want to know about the blog got a hold of it, and it wasn’t something that I was planning nor did I want.  This blog was about showing my love of fashion and my true self, personally and as an aspiring writer. So, when that happened, my immediate thought was to shut down the blog.  But then I thought well, at least let me check my viewers.   I wasn’t expecting anything to show up, but then I saw 14.  I really wasn’t expecting for this blog to turn into anything special, let alone have any viewers.  So, I am gonna write this blog and I’m gonna keep writing.  For my true fans out there.  I love you guys and if it weren’t for you, I was probably gonna shut down this blog.  So thank you.



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