Black Friday- Really that Hectic??

Hey guys!! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are getting some great Black Friday deals.  I had  went to Macy’s.  The most DEAD Black Friday spot EVER.  After that  I went to Aeropostale and they had a lot of things stocked out.  I got a great Bethany Mota sweater.  It was totally adorable. It had a fashionable snowman and his head fell off, so, he had this cute little frown on his face.  I also got a Bethany Mota perfume that smelled like cupcakes, and a little earring thing that was in an ornament ball along with these cute elephant bracelets.  But, the most crazy spot of all was Bath and Body Works. The place wasn’t that big and had a HUGE line.  The place was so hot because of all the people in the store.  Baath and Body Works can be kind of expensive so people freaked and rushed over to the place when they announced their “Buy three get three free” sale.  I got these amazingly smelling Jingle Bells smell swirl cream  and perfume.  That was the craziest place of all.  My sister and I waited for like 30 minutes on that line!  Anyway, I hope today you got some great Christmas shopping done and a little shopping for yourself.  Happy Holidays!


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